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Why see a clinical student intern...?

You've decided to take the very brave first step of seeing a counselor or a therapist.  This is exciting!  You're making an investment in yourself, your life, and your future.  While you're evaluating your options in terms of which to clinician to work with, you may want to consider working with a clinical student intern.  KC Well Co. takes a very rigorous and selective approach when interviewing and hiring our interns.  We look for candidates that show exceptional aptitude, enthusiasm, are naturals at connecting with people and creating an environment of ease, and that are often entering this field with years of prior experience in another sector.  We like working with folks who have plenty of life experience.


Interns have a great deal of investment and energy devoted to your work together - 


Clinical student interns are in the final years of their Master's level graduate program, and meeting with clients is their biggest focus and priority.  Most graduate level counseling and therapy programs are very rigorous and time consuming, so interns are immersed in the world of learning, providing care, and receiving supervision by multiple highly qualified, fully licensed clinicians.  Most clinical student interns have a minimum of three supervisors, all of whom they meet with on a weekly basis.  Your case will maintain confidentiality but also have the benefit of compounded expertise by way of this supervision.  Clinical interns tend to be excited about their work and are in the active process of honing and improving their skills. 


Our interns are supervised by the clinical faculty at their respective schools and by Jon Hindson and Amanda Hindson at KC Well Co. 

Our Interns are able to see clients at a reduced fee


Since interns are not fully licensed and are completing their education, they are able to see clients at a reduced fee.  Our interns charge $50 per 50 minute session, but are able to negotiate a lower rate if necessary.  Please do not hesitate to reach out and request this; we believe that everyone should have access to quality mental health services regardless of their financial capacity.  Interns also provide a nice alternative to the care provided under your insurance policy, which can often be restrictive and tedious, often at a rate that is similar to a co-pay.  Because interns are so closely supervised, you have the benefit of compounded expertise provided to your case at a rate that is much less than a fully licensed clinician.  

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