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Caylee Knox

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever
do.” -Brene Brown

Hi! My name is Caylee.


I am practicing as a counseling intern at KC Well Co. I believe in the
power of relationships and have been connecting/helping people most of my life. When people
feel seen and understood, growth and change are possible.


Mental health has no zip code. I believe everyone is worthy of care, acceptance, and love and
will bring these values into each therapeutic relationship. Some of my strengths and successes
are rooted in a passionate curiosity for the human condition, a belief in a holistic perspective, a
love for collaboration, and an ability to quickly build meaningful and lasting relationships based
on trust and safety (and maybe a little colorful humor). My life experience so far has proven the
importance of connection and the abundant growth opportunities involved. I am eager to utilize
my strengths and passions in a therapeutic relationship that promotes transformational growth
through genuine connection, humor, and acceptance for my clients.  
Simply put, what you do proves what you believe, and I believe guiding others to grow is the best of humanity.


My approach to counseling leans towards an experiential, emotion-focused, and person-centered theoretical orientation with specific focuses in trauma, attachment theory, and somatic and mindfulness work. I aim to be open and authentic at all times and use a strengths-based approach to empower my clients to shine a light on their resiliencies. To me, people are brave and worthy.


I have been married 11 years to my best friend and currently thrive in motherhood, traveling,
cooking, petting all the dogs, laughing, and taking life lessons from my collection of
houseplants: hydrate, grow, soak up sunlight, and always root for yourself.

Breathe. Breathe some more. No answers here. No judgements here. Just questions. Just mirrors.
Just your full self. Stay awhile. Love yourself here..


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